James Taylor

CV / Resume

James A. Taylor – Interactive Media Designer & Developer 



Summary: I am an Interactive Media Designer & Developer. I focus on designing projects with an eye towards the unique capabilities of the target platform. Above all, I look for companies that will allow me to learn and grow.

Education: BA Creative Writing from Kenyon College | MFA Interactive Media & Game Design from USC | Formerly enrolled in CS courses at The University of Chicago

Specialties: UX and UI Design |Game, Level and Puzzle Design | World Building | Paper and Digital Prototyping | Unity Development | AR & VR Development  | C# | Java | Javascript | Adobe Illustrator | Photoshop | After Effects | Maya | Houdini 


Co-Founder/ Lead Designer (2010- Present)

Parachute, Inc

This company has become a catch all for the work that I do for myself and clients. The samples have been separated out into different portfolios: UI Design Portfolio, Holographic Data Portfolio, Level Design Portfolio, Analog Game Design Portfolio, Flat Data Portfolio  (*Note: Each of these portfolios is a work in progress. I add projects as they approach completion.)

Technical Designer |  (February 2017 – November 2017 )

Microsoft (Contractor via Zensa Inc.)

I created tools, prototypes and sample apps for Microsoft HoloLens and associated Mixed Reality Devices. This was a fun, productive and positive contracting experience. Responsibilities: work with Senior Designers and Senior Researchers at Microsoft to create Unity prototypes for Microsoft Mixed Reality features and UR testing. Work with a team to develop tools and vision for MR SDK on GitHub. Contact Dong Yoon Park: DongYoon.Park (at) microsoft.com

Software Engineer and Studio Lead (2015 – 2016)

Prizm Labs, Inc.

I transitioned from coding and developing individual projects at Prizm Labs to heading up the studio team responsible for creating quality content on the device. The PlayTable is a large digital surface that recognizes physical objects placed on its surface. Responsibilities: design and develop games, establish and document UI/UX best practices across all ported board games; document best coding practices in line with UI/UX best practices; managee team members; and meet with board game publishers about licensing content for the PlayTable. Full walk though of Settlers of Catan port. See videos below to learn more. Contact Michael Garrido: michael.a.garrido (at) gmail.com

Unity Engineer (2014-2015)

Two Bit Circus | Intel Funded Project

I served as a Unity Engineer for an Intel funded project at Two Bit Circus. This 6 issue interactive comic book series uses the Intel RealSense Camera to allow players to interact with the panels and active scenes using head-tracking, gestures, and voice commands. The project was a significant step forward for me as both an engineer and a designer. Video available here. Contact Kojo Opuni: kopuni (at) gmail.com

Senior Game Designer (2013-2015)

Game Changer Chicago Design Lab at The University of Chicago

I designed and developed Power Spots (a Macarthur funded, city-wide mobile game), as well as several games funded by the Hive Network and a collaborative Arts & Sciences grant. During this time I also co-founded the Experimental Mobile Games Group with Dr. Patrick Jagoda to involve high school, undergraduate and graduate fellows in one-month collaborative prototyping cycles. Contact Angela Heimberger: a_heimburger (at) hotmail.com Work presented at GDC.

Game Designer (2012-2013)


My first job out of graduate school. I was the lead designer for Playgearz. The first game (out of 3) we released was Yumby Toss, a full-scale mobile game project complete with 45 levels, in app purchases, connections to GameCenter and many cutting-edge features (for the time). Responsibilities: work closely with the graphic designer, programmer, composer, and animator to create high quality assets to incorporate into games; design many (many) levels and puzzles and direct the development of in game assets. Yumby Toss Video. Contact Steve Hoffman: steven.s.hoffman (at) gmail.com 

Other Experience: Student Designer for Intel | Paid Intern at Sony Pictures

Publications Honors and Awards: Ask to see articles published on Gamasutra | Table Games Co-Chair at IndieCade | Recipient of EA Graduate Fellowship at USC | Finalist at IndieCade | Speaker at GDC | Presenter at E3 



AR/VR Work

Game Design/Development Reel

Catan Project Walkthrough Video




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