James Taylor

Special Committee – Board Game w Digital Side

set_plus_onkickstarterayotte_warrenRole: CEO and Lead Designer at Parachute Games

Special Committee is a 2-5 player bluffing and quick deduction game featuring Current US Politicians. Additionally, each politician card can be used to open up a special digital profile on phones and tablets. We raised 37k on KickStarter but did not meet our funding goal of 65K. We’ll continue developing on a lean budget and try again in the new year! WATCH PROMO VIDEO HERE OR FIND US ON KICKSTARTER

The Settlers of Catan – PlayTable Edition


I was the lead designer and Unity Developer for this port of The Settlers of Catan for the Prizm playTable. Players gather around this digital board game and may sign in using their mobile device. The mobile device will then show their private resource cards, while the game unfolds on the table top surface. This is a fully working version of the game. WATCH VIDEO


Role: Lead Game Designer/ Unity Developer

This is a fun little side project I was working on. I wanted to make a game entirely in UnityUI. It doesn’t look like much, because there’s still a graphics pass in the works, but I enjoyed coming up with a very simple game mechanic, and a world that’s simple, but dripping with potential.

Play Demo (Open with Firefox)


King of Tokyo


Role: Designer & Unity Engineer for port to PlayTable

I created this fully working demo of King of Tokyo for a company called PlayTable located in SF. They are a hardware startup making a touch table surface that can recognize smart objects.


River Crossing Puzzle – 24 HR Prototype Series

Role: Lead Designer/ Unity Engineer


(From the 24 hr prototypes series.) A farmer is trying to cross a river with a wolf, a chicken and a head of cabbage. Figure out how to take trips back and forth without ever leaving the wolf with the chicken, or the chicken with the cabbage.

I design a lot of these spatial puzzles. It’s a little like level design, but more puzzle-driven.

PLAY DEMO (Open with Firefox)

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